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"Frank" (Indie Short Film) by Shavon Simmons

"Frank" is an independent/indie film about a young man by the name of Frank struggling with his presence in the world wishes family and friends will reach out before he makes a decision that will affect all their relationships.

Written & directed - Shavon Simmons (IG: @thatsahgirl)

Shot - DukeGmore (IG: @dukegmore_)


Frank - Jay King (IG: @jaykingtharebel)

Mallory Blossom - Alexander Clark (IG: brite_boi)

Delores Blossom - Lellani Cartledge (IG: @lanifeelspeachy)

Etan - Malcolm Johnson (IG: Malcolm_a_l_johnson)

Judas - Clas Duncan (IG: love_balance)

Raven - Eric Allen (IG: elithegreat_one)

Mona - Robin Martin

Celeste - Monique James (IG: @iamaskaboutmii)

Cecil - Darnell Ransom

Cherish - Jehnarra Treadwell

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