Royal Flush Fam Productions

"Music is my lifesaver, my peacemaker, my educator, my drug, I don't just need it I crave it." 

- Jay King Tha Rebel -

Royal Flush Fam Productions (RFFP) was founded by James Kingsberry (aka Jay King) in 2012. It was originally created as a record label but then became a production label in 2016. Under the leadership of Music Executive Producer Jay King, RFFP focuses on the overall production of music projects. These project may range from mixtapes, albums, EPs, singles, films, and more. RFFP is a family and community oriented company that brands theirselves around the needs, desires, and relationship with the community. There are two main focuses in RFFP, quality and community. 

Jay King Tha Rebel

"I put my blood in the pen cause you ain't feeling the ink. Emotional scares, now the world can feel my pain when I bleed." 

- Jay King Tha Rebel -

Jay King Tha Rebel (Jay King or King), born in Washington D.C. is a Podcaster, Vlogger, Independent Hip Hop Artist, Music Executive, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Actor, Model, Athlete, Body Builder, Fitness Enthusiast, Personal Trainer, Public Figure, Social Activist, Community Advocate, Veteran, & Intellectual. King is the founder and CEO of Royal Flush Fam Productions & Ra Fitness. A very eclectic individual, King is a Podcaster for “King Speech podcast”, has a Vlog on his YouTube page (RoyalFlushFam TV), has released several music singles and projects on all streaming platforms, written for several independent artist, one of the writers for the web series “ExoRed”, has competed in Body Builder competitions, and served in the U.S. Army overseas. King has a BS in Business Admin and a  Masters in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. Known as a very outspoken individual with a strong mind and the tongue to match Jay King Tha Rebel views hisself as a leader and advocate for the minority communities and has dedicated hisself to fact, truth, and growth for the world. “Its not about being right, its about a solution”. #KingSpeech